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Tummy Tuck Photos

body balance

Abdominoplasty Surgery (Tummy Tuck)

Abdominoplasty surgery can benefit a wide variety of patients. As you look through these photographs, take time to evaluate the variation of the patients preoperative appearance. Instead of comparing patient to is better to evaluate the improvement that each patient has made with the procedure. It is not the goal of this procedure to make a person "skinny" but rather establish some overall body "unity" and "balance".

Case 1



Case 2



Case 3



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Case 4

Abdominoplasty 4aAbdominoplasty 4b

Abdominoplasty 4dAbdominoplasty 4c

Case 5

Abdominoplasty 5aAbdominoplasty 5b

Abdominoplasty 5cAbdominoplasty 5d

Case 6

Abdominoplasty 6aAbdominoplsty 6b

Abdominoplasty 6cAbdominoplasty 6d

Case 7
Abdominoplasty 7a Abdominoplasty 7b Abdominoplasty 7cAbdominoplasty 7d

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