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Breast Lift Photos

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Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy)

Breast lift surgery (Mastopexy) is an operation that is designed to not only reposition the nipple but also to rearrange the breast tissue itself to centralize the breast on the chest. It can be done as we reduce the breast size or it can be done and increase the breast size. A patient's pre-operative appearance and goals will direct this choice. The inscisional scars can also be quite variable depending on a patients pre-operative appearance as well.


Case 1

Mastopexy 1aMastopexy 1b

Mastopexy 1cMastopexy 1d

Case 2

Mastopexy 2aMastopexy 2b

Mastopexy 2cMastopexy 2d

Case 3

Mastopexy 3aMastopexy 3b

Mastopexy 3cMastopexy 3d

Case 4

Mastopexy 4aMastopexy 4b

Case 5

Mastopexy 5aMastopexy 5b

Case 6
Breast Lift 6a Breast lift 6b
Case 7
Mastopexy 7a Mastopexy 7b

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