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Breast Reduction Photos

Compassionate Care & Beautiful Results

Breast Reduction Surgery


The imbalance associated with large breasts is a problem that is easily understood by those with the problem. There is very little humor with the pain, discomfort and stress caused by the unrelenting weight on your back. As the years progress, the toll this problem inflicts on a person can make a woman miserable. These pictures will offer hope to some people that are thinking about this procedure. Included in this picture set are women of all different shapes, sizes and ages.

Case 1

Thin young lady with unbalanced and droopy breast

Breast Reduction 1aBreast Reduction 1b

Breast Reduction 1cBreast Reduction 1d


Case 2

Young lady with the typical appearance of breast hypertrophy and with typical pain and limitations. Note the size and shape change of breast...but also her weight loss (which she did all on her own).

Breast Reduction 2aBreast Reduction 2b

Breast Reduction 2cBreast Reduction 2d


Case 3

Breast Reduction 3aBreast Reduction 3b

Breast Reduction 3cBreast Reduction 3d


Case 4

Very large and dense breast. Note her scars, which are early in the wound healing process....and will improve with time.

Breast Reduction 4aBreast Reduction 4b

Case 5

Extreme size before and after removal of over 3000 grams of tissue from each side. (6.5 pounds per side)

Breast Reduction 5a Breast Reduction 5b

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