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Breast Reconstruction Photos

Renewal of Body


Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Few things in life can be more devastating than being told that you have cancer. As the only plastic surgeon in this immediate area, Dr. Fulks has been the central reconstructive surgeon for many General Surgeon/Breast Surgeons. This has afforded him the opportunity to care for many women going through this most difficult time. It also has allowed him to utilize multiple different reconstructive options for patients. these pictures have been selected to demonstrate multiple different surgical options for patients. Although most cases today are performed at the same time as the mastectomy, many of these cases are delayed cases. These pictures may be more dramatic because the mastectomy deformity is seen compared to the pre-operative appearance. The word "delayed" is used to describe this procedure as opposed to an "immediate" reconstruction. The multiple options are beyond our purpose for this website.


Case 1

Delayed Reconstruction with "Back Flap" and implant

Breast Reconstruction 1aBreast Reconstruction 1b

Breast Reconstruction 1cBreast Reconstruction 1d


Case 2

15 years after mastectomy on Right side using a TRAM Flap (Abdominal Tissue)

Breast Reconstruction 2aBreast Reconstruction 2b

Breast Reconstruction 2cBreast Reconstruction 2d


Case 3

Immediate Reconstruction at the time of the Right Mastectomy. She later had a breast lift on the Left side to achieve better shape and size balance.

Breast Reconstruction 3aBreast Reconstruction 3bBreast Reconstruction 3cBreast Reconstruction 3d


Case 4

Immediate reconstruction with a TRAM flap on the right side. Nipple completed at a later date.

Breast Reconstruction 4aBreast Reconstruction 4b


Case 5

Delayed reconstruction 5 years after her mastectomy

Breast Reconstruction 5aBreast Reconstruction 5b


Case 6

Immediate bilateral breast reconstruction and close up of the nipple reconstruction completed at a later date.

Breast Reconstruction 6aBreast Reconstruction 6b

Breast Reconstruction 6c


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