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Gynecomastia Photos

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Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

Enlarging breasts in a man can represent a serious emotional issue. While it is not normal to be without a shirt in women, it is not uncommon for men. Even wearing a shirt, this issue can be visible and difficult to conceal. Surgery to correct this problem can be widely different in incision, recovery and pre-operative appearance. Surgical procedures can include direct excision (through surgical incisions), Liposuction or combinations of both. The simplest approach is usually the best for each individual patient.


Case 1

Gynecomastia 1aGynecomastia 1b

Gynecomastia 1cGynecomastia 1d

Case 2

Gynecomastia 2aGynecomastia 2b

Gynecomastia 2cGynecomastia 2d

Case 3

Gynecomastia 3aGynecomastia 3bGynecomastia 3cGynecomastia 3d

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