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Revisional Breast Surgery Photos

Cosmetic Breast Surgery


Revisional Breast Surgery

Revisional surgery of breast is not an uncommon procedure. Implant rupture, continual effects of gravity or simply disappointment with previous outcome will unfortunately lead some patients back to the operating room. Some national studies reveal a "re-operation rate in excess of 20% within 3 years when performed by qualified board certified plastic surgeons. Most cases that we will show had their initial procedure somewhere else, but that is not to say that we don't have occasional patients that return to the Operating Room for some minor touch-up procedures or implant exchange. The most common procedures occur years later and are related to implant rupture or capsular contractures. These cases are interesting and generally more complex than the initial surgery.

Case 1

Breast Revision 1aBreast Revision 1b

Breast Revison 1cBreast Revison 1d


Case 2

4 previous operations in California with loss of upper fullness and "bottoming out", nipple irregularity and assymetry...addressed with revisional surgery but same implants.

Breast Revision 2aBreast Revision 2b

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